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My name is Denise Stinson. I’m a mom and now, the full-time blogger. I love to experience new things, food, new lifestyles, and things that might spark new life and fun into my life.

I live in Calera, Oklahoma and absolutely love it here. In fact, I have lived here since I was a little girl.

After years of debating about it I made a decision to write a blog. The content I write about has been inspiring for a number of people and I have heard from some readers that contacted me that my posts have even helped them to make life decisions and even change aspects of their life. This is really humbling to hear I can tell you.

This blog is all about lifestyle. Anything to do with the daily grind of life, about lifestyle and how to make a difference. I endeavour to discuss a wide range of subjects that might include how to fix a dripping tap through to posts on how to get rid of Leather Jackets as well as posts on how to manage your budget through to posts on how to value a business.

I started this blog as a hobby in the beginning, however, since then it has gone on to bring me in an income that has since enabled me to blog full time. My focus is to study topics that my readers want to read about. My website’s purpose therefore is to inspire and educate as many people as possible. I truly believe that having a quest for knowledge in life will empower you to achieve a lot of what you want in your life.

I hope you get a lot out of my blog as I publish more great content.


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Hi, I'm Denise Stinson, a mom and full-time blogger. The invention of blogging has been a wonderful outlet for me. I have been able to inspire many readers since I have begun. I write about anything and everything that I've discovered in life...

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