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5 Habits Of Mentally Strong People To Maintain Control Over Their Lives

There are few things that are more unpleasant in life than feeling out of control. We desire autonomy and not being controlled by others at work. Because we want to be in control, we hate change and prefer predictability (almost all the time). We don’t feel good if we feel like we can’t control the world.

You can however change this by working to improve your control.

People who are mentally strong often have a variety of patterns. These five habits are common to people who are able to control their emotions and can be developed by themselves.

1. Concentrate on your agenda

However, this does not mean you have to be subordinate or ignore your bosses. This basically means that you should not work without thinking about your personal life.

The mentally strong are clear about what they want, have specific goals that they can achieve and don’t get distracted by other people’s goals.

You will be a mere being if you don’t set a clear goal for your life. You will get lost in the daily chores of weeding, pruning, and working in another’s yard.

2. They cease asking permission

It takes time to ask permission for things. This is the opposite to control. You are waiting for someone else to grant you permission to do something.

Employees who are the best know they don’t need to ask permission to do certain things (within reason). Make that decision, and then take full responsibility. Continue to move forward without looking behind you. Trusting your boss will help you understand your limits. You might be able to stretch your limits further than you realize.

3. Do not follow a pattern that is only designed to please others

You are giving up more control if you place your focus on pleasing others. To please others, you sacrifice your truthful opinion. You miss the chance to make necessary changes. You are a false representation of yourself because you want to be loved. These things can cause you to lose control.

It is important to remember that even the most well-known politicians don’t always get 100% of the vote. Be authentic, not for approval.

4. They balance their control with the assistance of others.

You don’t have to do everything. Being in control does not mean that you can’t make mistakes. People who have great control over their lives realize that they can’t control everything and seek out help from others.

You can also create a personal board or directors. This is a group of people who have a vested in your success and are willing to help you in times of uncertainty. This is similar to taking out a loan so you can feel in control when you most need it.

5. They are open to the possibility of change

Change is the only constant in life. Hence, why is so much resistance to it?

People who are mentally strong can thrive and even lead change. They don’t fear uncertainty. Instead, they simply acknowledge it and recognize the positive effects it has on their learning, growth and resilience. They don’t exaggerate the amount they will lose because of the change. Instead, they view the change as an opportunity to download a better version themselves.


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